足久保で心ゆくまでお茶体験 Green Tea Experience@Ashikubo
  • 足久保で心ゆくまでお茶体験 Green Tea Experience@Ashikubo
  • 足久保で心ゆくまでお茶体験 Green Tea Experience@Ashikubo
  • 足久保で心ゆくまでお茶体験 Green Tea Experience@Ashikubo

足久保で心ゆくまでお茶体験 Green Tea Experience@Ashikubo


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Product Info

A luxury moment of private tea experience in Ashikubo, a place of origin of Shizuoka green tea

Tour schedule: 3rd Friday of every month. The schedule of May is unfixed, as it is a peak period of the harvesting season.

所要時間/ tour duration;90分/ 90min.


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Taste Ashikubo’s fine green tea with a factory tour


Stretching from east to the west, Shizuoka is known for a production of green tea. Among many tea plantation areas, Ashikubo is historically unique as the origin of the tea seed had been brought by buddhist master Shoichi Kokushi during the Kamakura period and planted here, thus this is why Ashikubo is said to be the origin of the Shizuoka green tea. Foggy and the cold temperature in both mornings and night greatly contribute to growing good tea.
In this peaceful and mountainous place, quality green tea with significant aroma is grown.



Ashikubo Teaworks consists of a group of 40 local green tea farmers, and produces quality green tea, in order to keep this valuable knowledge of tea making as well as training young farmers.
The factory entrance is an open air space used as a cafe, people drop off to buy their favorite tea drinks ( for example, Sencha frozen, Sencha latte ) throughout the year.

Feature of the tea experience tour

1: 少人数限定でパーソナルなお茶体験をゆっくりと体験できます。
A small tour for limited numbers of guests, no hustle to enjoy the tea experience

2: 美味しい足久保ティーワークスのお茶を丁寧に淹れ、飲み比べることができます。
Premium green tea will be served carefully to enjoy tea pairing.

The remaining tea leaves from your pot will become a highlight of pasta!

4: 見学通路から、または中から工場を見学し、緑茶の加工の工程を知る事ができます。
Through the corridor, or from inside, make a factory tour to learn the actual process of green tea.

5: 5種のお茶を飲み比べる贅沢な体験ができます。(新型コロナウイルス感染症の感染状況により、現地では2種類ほどの飲み比べにし、残りはお土産でお渡しの対応となる場合もあります)

It is a rare chance to make a drink pairing of 5 different teas ! ( Depending on the situation of COVID-19 , we may reduce the type of tea to 2, and may pass you the remaining tea as your souvenir.

Tour schedule

Tour introduction & payment


Brew their signature tea [ KunPu ] with the guidance of a staff.

Enjoy an unique pasta, topped with tea leaves that you used for brewing.

Move to a factory tour after the meal.

Freshly picked green tea are gathered here and steamed, rubbed down and processed in this factory.

工場見学/ factory tour

When you visit during the production season, visitors are asked to refrain from entering the factory due to the quality control. However, you can have an actual look at the process of green tea processing. The stunning aroma of fresh greentea is definitely a highlight of the tour!

Go back to the open cafe to make a green tea tasting


Let’s have a fun of gorgeous green tea tasting by asking the company staff to serve different kinds of their recommendation for you. Tasting tea while hearing the unique story of tea making from the staff will surely make you discover the treasure of green tea.

2082-2 Ashikubo-kuchigumi, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka Pref.

電車、バスでお越しの方 / by Train&Bus

JR静岡駅バス乗り場より のりば9 美和大谷線(126号)

From JR Shizuoka station, move to bus terminal 9
Take No.126 Miwa O-ya line, bound for [ Ashikubo Danchi mae ]; appox. 34 min
Get off at Miwa Chu-gakkou mae
Walk (17min.) to arrive at the destination.

車でお越しの方 / by Car

新静岡ICから県道27号 と 美和街道/県道205号 経由で約8分
8min. from Shizuoka interchange via national road 27and road 205

はじめての方は最初に右上【初めての方に FOR FIRST TIME VISITORES】を必ずお読みください。 

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