canary104  とんぼ玉ネックレス&イヤリング / glass beads and accessories
  • canary104  とんぼ玉ネックレス&イヤリング / glass beads and accessories
  • canary104  とんぼ玉ネックレス&イヤリング / glass beads and accessories
  • canary104  とんぼ玉ネックレス&イヤリング / glass beads and accessories
  • canary104  とんぼ玉ネックレス&イヤリング / glass beads and accessories
  • canary104  とんぼ玉ネックレス&イヤリング / glass beads and accessories
  • canary104  とんぼ玉ネックレス&イヤリング / glass beads and accessories

canary104 とんぼ玉ネックレス&イヤリング / glass beads and accessories

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とんぼ玉ネックレス+イヤリングセット (色:レッド)


Wear only one piece in the world for your daily fashion.

1)とんぼ玉ネックレス x イヤリングセット( レッド )

Tombodama Glass beads Neckrace/ Earrrings ( red )

A dramatic world of glass glitters near your face. a silver thin coat at the backside creates the depth of red color.

canary104 人気の赤。背面にあしらった銀箔が、美しいモレッティガラスの輝きに表情を添えています。
A best seller of canary 104 works. A combination of moretti glass and the paper-thin silver coating gives an outstanding beauty onto the look.

Brand introduction



特にビーズ制作が盛んなアメリカでは展示会もあり、来日したAndrea Guarino氏をはじめとする作家らとのこれまでの出会いも光後氏の作風に大きな影響を与えました。


今回は男性用、女性用に、日常使いのちょっと上質な組み合わせを選び、FIEJA SELECTIONオリジナルのスタイルにてご案内します。


canary104 was established by a glass beads artist Akihito Kogo who works in his atelier in Shizuoka city.
His accessory collection, the stunning beauty of a clear color and the simple design attracts people with no border of gender or age.
Through his life experience, an unforgettable encounter with different people had given him important inspirations, and when the materials are fired, mixed, shaped, and then become unique glass accessories that take us to the imaginary world of glass art.
In America, glass bead art is popular and also there are big events of glass crafts & beads. He received a significant influence when he met several artists such as Andrea Guarino from US.

His past residential place, Kochi prefecture had also helped him creating his own artistic style as you can see from the gentle and peaceful color combination.

This time FIEJA has selected 2 sets of his artworks. However, it was such a difficult decision for us to pick up as each of the glass was so beautiful and showing us a magic!

[ Feature ]

Please look at the details of a clearness of the glass, a mixture of Italian Moretti Glass and another kind of glass called COE104.
These glass artworks are created with a burnerwork technique, only made piece by piece, and each of them contains sensitive mixture of swaying colors in it. When looking at the glass, we feel as if we were going to be swallowed into the depth.
For his first time release on FIEJA SELECTION, we have selected original sets of sophisticated color combination, both are suitable for everyday use.

Enjoy wearing something just for you, one piece in the world for your daily life, and hope that these will make your day special!


A large drop of glass bead that seals the dramatic flame of deep red.
It expresses various faces when reflects in light.
As you put on one piece of handmade accessory to your casual style, it dramatically brings out your personal character without emphasis.
Strap lace is a durable natural wax- coated cotton and does not give you unpleasant sticky feeling even under the humid weather.
FIEJA has selected dark-brow colored strap to match this sensitive , beautiful color of the glass bead.

The paired earrings also creates mysterious layers of blue, and will give a beautiful nuance on your face.
The metal parts of the earring ( brass ) is adjustable with screw, thus it is suitable for all people.
This combination is definitely an ideal, original gift for someone special or for yourself to go out with.

Tombodama Glass beads Neckrace/ Earrrings ( Red ) *One set only

サイズ:とんぼ玉 直径:約1.7 cm
調節紐の長さ:最短38.8 cm 最長75.0cm

金具部分:    真鍮 xメッキ加工(イヤリング)
包装:       専用箱、ギフト袋つき

価格:      8,500円(税、送料込)


はじめての方は最初に右上【初めての方に FOR FIRST TIME VISITORES】を必ずお読みください。 

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