• 香り高い緑茶2種とフィルターインボトルセット(数量限定)
  • 香り高い緑茶2種とフィルターインボトルセット(数量限定)
  • 香り高い緑茶2種とフィルターインボトルセット(数量限定)
  • 香り高い緑茶2種とフィルターインボトルセット(数量限定)



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Product Info




Located in a valley of Abe river, Ashikubo is long renowned for its origin of Shizuoka green tea, and the traditional green tea cultivation has flourished from a long time ago. The key factors of producing quality green tea: the steep temperature gap between day and night, daylight hours in addition to the morning fog has grown the flavorful tea that was once praised by Shogun Ieyasu Tokugawa. And the taste is sophisticated with a standing aroma, leaves a long-lasting pleasant aftertaste.

         Foggy weather creates quality green tea.


Ashikubo tea-works was established in 1997 by a group of about 60 local tea farmers. Although the number has reduced to about 40 nowaday, young generations carry out the tea making in order to inherit this previous culture of quality local tea cultivation and pass the experience to the future. During the picking season, member’s freshly -harvested tea leaves are gathered to this factory and becomes a signature tea product of Ashikubo tea-works.


The attached tea cafe [ Yamacha-Kan ] is a casual drink stand where you can purchase tea products as well as order a variety of tea drinks for thirsty visitors.

       セット① 浅蒸し茶「薫風」(くんぷう)

           Light -steamed leaf green tea [ Kum-pu ]


A signature green tea that represents Ashikubo Tea-works, is called [ Kum-pu ] , a beautifully aromatic tea is processed by a light steaming (30 seconds ) method, and it keeps freshness of its origin as well as the rounded balance of sweetness and astringency , in addition to the full-bodied taste.


As you brew Kum-pu tea, an inexpressible, gentle aroma stands up to stimulate your sense.
Its flavor is remarkably sophisticated and shows the harmony of cleaness and the strong punch with a certain sweetness. It tastes as if it reflects the blessing of nature and the climate that surrounds the company.



How to enjoy [ Kum-pu ]
Although the preferred taste of tea may vary, if you’d like to enjoy the highlight of this tea, lower the temperature of pre-boiled water to approx. 70℃ ( warm temperature that you can hold the cup for seconds) so that the tea would bring out an amazing character to amuse you. For the 2nd brewing, please increase the temperature to taste the difference.

       セット② 深蒸し茶「さえみどり」リーフ

       Set 2 : Deep steamed leaf green tea [ Saemidori ]



Deep-steamed green tea [ Saemidori ] has a dark green watercolor and will amuse you with a deep, rounded taste followed by the natural sweetness. It is great to brew in both hot and cold.

FIEJA SELECTIONはモスグリーンをご用意。ボトルの説明書には英語の案内も付いています。。
FIEJA SELECTION has selected moss green for a set. The bottle is attached with an English information.

For FIEJA SELECTION, we have made a special assorted set which includes:

[Kum-pu ] leaf tea
[ Samidori ] deep steamed leaf tea
Original filtered bottle
cotton bag

スタッフの方も愛用中。ガラスのように見えるトライタン樹脂のボトルはとても衝撃に強く、かつ哺乳瓶にも使われる安心な素材。持ち歩きが簡単です。ハリオ製のしっかりした 厚手フィルターインボトルに美味しいお茶を入れて、いつでもどこでもカテキン補給。

The company staff also carry their own bottle. This bottle is produced by HARIO, a quality-guaranteed thick Tritan bottle that looks like a glass-bottle but non-fragile, convenient tool to carry your favorite tea anywhere.

FIEJA SELECTIONが自信を持っておすすめする美味しい静岡、足久保のお茶です。

This is a great set for everyone who loves green tea ! And we strongly recommend you to try these two signature flavors that Shizuoka is proud of its uniqueness from the Ashikubo area.


・浅蒸し茶 薫風50g
・深蒸し茶 さえみどり30g

[ Product information ]

Supreme leaf green tea and original portable tea bottle ( Limited set )

・Light-steamed leaf green tea [ Kumpu ] 50g
・Deep-steamed leaf tea [ Saemidori ] 30g
・Portable filtered Tritan bottle with a brand logo / Moss green color :400ml
・Cotton Eco-bag with brand logo


合計金額5,100円 (税、送料込み)

[ Price ]
JPY 5,100 ( tax & delivery charge included )

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