【静岡】canary104   handmade glass beads and accessories

【静岡】canary104 handmade glass beads and accessories


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Product Info

Shoehorn with handmade glass beads

1)イカットホワイト / Ikat white
2)プラネタリウム ブルー / Planetarium blue
3)エメラルドグリーン / Emerald green


Only one piece in the world for everyday use.

『ブランド紹介』 Brand introduction



特にビーズ制作が盛んなアメリカでは展示会もあり、来日したAndrea Guarino氏をはじめとする作家らとのこれまでの出会いも光後氏の作風に大きな影響を与えました。




canary104 was established by a glass beads artist Akihito Kogo, who works in his atelier in Shizuoka city.
His accessory collection, Its stunning beauty of a clear color and the simple design attracts people with no border of gender or age.
Through his life experience , an unforgettable encounter with different people had given him important inspirations, and when they are fired, mixed, shaped, and then become unique glass accessories that take us to the imaginary world of glass art.

In America, glass bead art is popular and also there are big events of glass crafts & beads. He received a significant influence when he met several artists such as Andrea Guarino from America in Japan.

His past residential place, Kochi prefecture had also helped him creating his own style, as you can see from the gentle and peaceful color combination.

This time, FIEJA has selected 2 series of his artworks. However, it was such a tough decision as each of the glass was too beautiful to choose.

[ Feature ]
Please look at the details of a cleaness of the glass, a mixture of Italian Moretti Glass and another kind of glass called COE104.

These glass artworks are created with a burnerwork technique, only made piece by piece, and each of them contains sensitive mixture of swaying colors in it. When looking at the glass, we feel as if we were going to be swallowed into the depth.

For his first time release on FIEJA SELECTION, we have selected 3 sophisticated color combination, each of them suits your everyday use.

Enjoy wearing something only one piece in the world for your daily style, hoping that these will make your day special.

Sensitive burnerwork is made in the silence of his atelier.

商品紹介 Product introduction



Iron wood is reputed as one of the [ 3 high grade woods ] together with rosewood and ebony.
This dark, smooth surface of wood was crafted into a wooden shoe horn , with a company of beautiful glass bead.

In addition to this extraordinary combination, the bead assists the shoehorn held firmly with hand when you put on and off the shoes. This stylish charm will give a cool impression when you humbly take it out from your bag,
There are 3 different beads for each item. Cherish this one piece in the world item as your essential tool.

1)イカットホワイト/ Ikat white

A design, beautiful dark indigo blue and white looks like that of ikat weaving.

2)プラネタリウム ブルー / Planetarium blue

*タイピンはセットには含まれません。Tiepin is not included

A dark, mysterious blue like a planetarium is borderd with soft gradation of white.

3) エメラルドグリーン/ Emerald Green

It is a destined encounter of marble green and blue.

はじめての方は最初に右上【初めての方に FOR FIRST TIME VISITORES】を必ずお読みください。 

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