【静岡】FIEJA ×Leaf Paradiseオリジナルブレンドティー5種ギフトBOX Original 5 assorted tea / gift box

【静岡】FIEJA ×Leaf Paradiseオリジナルブレンドティー5種ギフトBOX Original 5 assorted tea / gift box


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Product Info

静岡茶のブレンドスペシャリストが集まる「茶町」の茶問屋が開いたこだわりのカフェ「Leaf Paradise 」さんが、FIEJA SELECTIONの為にここでしか買えない特別ブレンドを作ってくださいました。

Located in the heart of tea trading district, Cha-machi in central Shizuoka, the original company has been trading tea since 1935. Its outlet [ Leaf Paradise ] is a unique, peaceful cafe for individual customers. This time, it has produced very original tea blend which in only available on FIEJA.


Tea specialists carefully select tea from local farmers or suppliers by own experience and intuition, and process them into the perfect condition. The finished products are then sold to customers who are expecting their favourite flavor.
Meanwhile, there is another aspect of the professional works. The specialists are also challenging to respond with the market’s demand for more characteristic charms of single origin-tea.

シングルオリジン( 単一品種)のお茶の個性と、豊かなブレンドの広がり。その両方を楽しめるカフェがLeaf Paradise です。

Cafe [ Leaf Paradise ] is a place where visitors can taste the uniqueness of a variety of local green tea.
The tea products for home infusing is packed in a small size with 40g -loose leaf tea, so that many people can try tasting different teas for fun.
Seasonal new blends are always sold out quickly.

Relax with a soothing cup of tea at home

During tea processing, soothing aroma of tea fill the air in the whole factory.

[ FIEJA ] をイメージしたという絶妙のブレンド、今回は5種ギフトセットにしてお届けします。もちろんご自身の静岡茶テイスティングにもお薦めです。

The owner, who is the 4th generation of the company, also puts his uncompromising passion to promote new taste of sweets for the cafe.
Please check the seasonal sweets to pair with selected in-house drink.
[ FIEJA ] original blend gift-box consists of 5 assorted tea, prepared in a gift package. Of course, it is also a great idea for yourself to explore Shizuoka tea tasting as well !


№20-701 深蒸し茶 (つゆひかり・さきみどり)

Fukamushi green tea / Deep-steamed green-tea , blend of local Tsuyuhikari, Sakimidori caltivar )

2020.04.22 三中製茶の「つゆひかり」牧之原市
2020.04.25 まる貞製茶 「さきみどり」牧之原市

2020.04.22 Tsuyuhikari by Sannaka Seicha company in Makinohara city
2020.04.25 Sakimidori by Marusada Seicha company in Makinohara city

上記の生産家さん2件の荒茶を使用/ blend of above 2 crude tea from farmers
焙煎温度/ roasted temperature: 112℃
水色/ tea color  ★★★★
甘み/ sweetness  ★★★★
渋み/ astringency ★


It is a blend of Tsuyuhikari and Sakimidori resulted in a great harmony of a sweetness of natural green tea. Recommended for infusing with low temperature (approx. 65℃).

リーフ茶40g入 / loose leaf tea 40g
賞味期限2021月7月9日 / best before 09July, 2021

№20-702 中蒸し茶(さえみどり・つゆひかり・あさのか)

Midium- steamed greentea, blend of Saemidori, Tsuyuhikari, Asanoka cultivar

2020.04.19 かね吉森島製茶「さえみどり」磐田
2020.04.21 マルヒ鈴木製茶「つゆひかり」磐田
2020.04.21 ヤマホ堀内製茶 「あさのか」磐田
2020.04.19 Saemidori by Kanekichi Morishima Seicha company in Iwata city
2020.04.21 Tsuyuhikari by Maruhi Suzuki Seicha company in Iwata
2020.04.21 Asanoka by Yamaho Horiuchi Seicha company

上記の生産家さん3件の荒茶を使用/ blend of above 3 crude tea from farmers
焙煎温度 /roasted temperature: 108℃

水色/ tea color ★★★
甘み/sweetness ★★★
渋み/ astringency ★★


This brand-new flavor has been specially made for FIEJA x Leaf Paradise gift box, offering you another relaxing tea time. Charming sweetness of Saemidori is blended with flowery aroma of Tsuyuhikari. A hint of astringency brings out the sensation of a joy of tasting authentic Japanese green tea. The rising aroma of infused tea is something that you will be truly amused.

リーフ茶40g入/ loose leaf tea 40g
賞味期限 2021年7月9日/ best before 9 July, 2021  

№20-703 浅蒸し茶(やぶきた)

Lightly-steamed green tea , Yabukita

2020.05.10 杉山製茶「やぶきた」清水

2020.05.10 Yabukita crude tea from Sugiyama Seicha company in Shimizu
焙煎温度 /Roasted temperature: 80℃

水色/ tea color   ★★
甘み/sweetness  ★★★
渋み/astringency  ★★


This is the straight, powerful taste of a best -known Japanese original cultivar ,Yabukita. The single origin tea has been roasted in moderate 80 degree, so that they remain full natural aroma as well as the sweetness from the leaves.
Please enjoy the combinatoin of mild stringency and fresh aroma of Yabukita.

リーフ茶40g入/ loose leaf tea 40g
賞味期限 2021年.7月9日/ Best before 9 July 2021

№20-704 玄米茶 (あさつゆ、さみどり)

Genmaicha / green tea with roasted brown rice crisp/ Asatsuyu, Samidori cultivar

2020.04.21 有限会社ヤマニ(あさつゆ)磐田
2020.05.05 有限会社ヤマニ ( さみどり)磐田

2020.04.21 Asatsuyu by Yamani Co.,Ltd. in Iwata
2020.05.05 Samidori by Yamani Co.,Ltd. in Iwata

Roasted crispy brown rice is added into the above green tea.

焙煎温度/ roasted temperature:110℃
水色/ tea color  ★★★★
甘味/ sweetness ★★★
渋み/ astringency ★


A unique cultivar Asatsuyu has a honorable title as [ natural Gyokuro green tea ] which is particularly rich in supreme umami flavor. In addition to Asatsuyu, another cultivar Samidori which is usually favored for fine powdery tea, is blended with roasted brown rice crisp. The infused tea has a deep green-color, and rich sweetness of the tea balances perfectly with a tempting roasted aroma of rice crisp.
It will not bring out overwhelmed astringency even with high water temperature, but the splendid aroma will surely make you fully unwind.

リーフ茶 40g入/ loose leaf tea 40g
賞味期限 2021.7月9日/ Best before 9 July,2021

№20-705 和紅茶(香駿)

Japanese black tea, Kōshun cultivar

2020.06.28 マルヒ鈴木製茶「香駿(こうしゅん)」磐田

2020.06.28 Kōshun tea by Maruhi Suzuki Seicha company in Iwata

水色/ tea color ★★★★
甘み/ sweetness ★★★★
渋み/ astringency ★


The black tea brings out a rich, honey-like natural sweet aroma. Mild sweetness of the tea is satisfying even without additional sugar. The owner himself is especially content with a quality of this year.

リーフ茶 30g入/ loose leaf tea 30g
賞味期限 2021.7月9日 / Best before 9 July, 2021

Small quantity of each pack is easy for tea tasting.

Premium quality-Shizuoka tea are packed in 1 gift box, it is highly recommended.

FIEJA x Leaf Paradise オリジナルブレンド茶 ギフトBOX
FIEJA x Leaf Paradise original 5 assorted tea / gift box

リーフティー各種40g (和紅茶 30g) 入りx5袋
Loose leaf tea: 40g ( black tea 30g ) x 5 packages

ギフトボックス入/ gift wrapping
Price: JPY 3,500 (税、送料込/ tax, delivery charge included )

はじめての方は最初に右上【初めての方に FOR FIRST TIME VISITORES】を必ずお読みください。 

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