【静岡】PROGRESS ジュエリー・グラス [Supreme titanium glass collecting power of light  ―Jewelry・Glass―]
  • 【静岡】PROGRESS ジュエリー・グラス [Supreme titanium glass collecting power of light  ―Jewelry・Glass―]
  • 【静岡】PROGRESS ジュエリー・グラス [Supreme titanium glass collecting power of light  ―Jewelry・Glass―]
  • 【静岡】PROGRESS ジュエリー・グラス [Supreme titanium glass collecting power of light  ―Jewelry・Glass―]

【静岡】PROGRESS ジュエリー・グラス [Supreme titanium glass collecting power of light ―Jewelry・Glass―]


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Product Info


Supreme titanium glass collecting power of light ―Jewelry・Glass―


This unique glass is created by the highest craftsmanship and supreme titanium.
It is named [ Jewelry・Glass ] after its mysterious glow. The auroral glow of titanium mirror changes its look in multiple ways, for example, the surface turns to ruby color when you pour red wine and if whisky, it turns to amber.


A definite function of purest titanium, realized by craftsmanship


Titanium is called [ the most gentle metal to human’s skin ] as it does not contain harmful chemicals, has a powerful corrosion resistance. It refuses dirt or smell and even resolves odd taste into rounded flavor.



Their metal is also used for satellite and rocket manufacturing, Progress produced the transparent, shiny jewelry glass with its original titanium processing that combined with a technology of space development.

This extra-fine technique has amused many liquor drinkers as well as artists that create artworks and objects across the globe.






The birth story of PROGRESS began from an piece of an abandoned testing glass that was left at the production site.
One day, one of the company staff noticed its glamorous glow, and this was the moment.
The company started to think of the inventive way to introduce this graceful color of the glow to more people. And this simple idea eventually led the memory of a abandoned glass plate into the development of drinking glass, through the imagination of a enthusiasm when discovering good wine.

[ Bringing unusualness into ordinary life ] is a concept of PROGRESS. Only a piece of PROGRESS glass would change the whole dining experience, it even adds an extraordinary taste onto the drink from its visual effect.

The story of PROGRESS will be going on.


Nissho Kogyo
satellite parts, artworks, apparel, F-1 related manufacturing
Head office: 7-10, Higashi-cho, Fujieda city, Shizuoka
Laboratory: 528-1,Nakagawa, Shimada city, Shizuoka
Tel: (+81) 547-38-1414

【Gender-Infinite /Silver ペアセット/ pair set 】

JPY ¥11,000(税・送料込み/ tax,delivery charge included )

商品詳細/ product information:
Size:72mm×H91mm 495ml 140g
素材/material:ガラス・チタン/ glass, titanium

カラー/color :

インフィニティ/ INFINITY
 外側/outside : Aurora
内側/ inside: Silver

シルバー /SILVER
外側/outside: Silver
内側/inside: Silver


Product Information:

Dancing glass has a rounded bottom and it sways elegantly to produce luxury moment as you your drinks into it .
This round-shape design can hold its stability but never falls.

【Strong-Silver/Gold ペアセット/pair set 】

JPY ¥ 11,000(税・送料込み/ tax, delivery charge included )

商品詳細 /product informaton:
Size:93×H90mm 240ml 260g
素材:ガラス・チタン/ glass, titanium
カラー/color :
インフィニティ/ INFINITY
made in JAPAN



Product information

Glass cup for [ genuine man ] created by men.
This wild, hexagonal shape shows unbalance but comfortably fits your palm.
It is an unusual liqueur glass, also admired by men.
Feel the mood of Sho-chu spirits, taste the velvety smoothness of beer, and enjoy the depth of whisky.

はじめての方は最初に右上【初めての方に FOR FIRST TIME VISITORES】を必ずお読みください。 

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