【静岡】海と太陽のイチゴジャム3個  [Strawberry Jam from sea and the sun] 久能山石垣いちご をジャムにしました 静岡おみやプロジェクト開発商品
  • 【静岡】海と太陽のイチゴジャム3個  [Strawberry Jam from sea and the sun] 久能山石垣いちご をジャムにしました 静岡おみやプロジェクト開発商品

【静岡】海と太陽のイチゴジャム3個 [Strawberry Jam from sea and the sun] 久能山石垣いちご をジャムにしました 静岡おみやプロジェクト開発商品

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Yamauchiya proudly presents more than 100 years of passionate making of strawberry.
100% pure Kunozan Ishigaki strawberry jam for your memory of strawberry picking.


Stretched across the Kuno coast line of 6 km from east to west, Mt. Kuno produces one of the most famous strawberry thanks to its geological uniqueness of Mr. Udo.

As the sunlight receives sufficient sunlight from the south and the keep its heat inside the Ishigaki ( stone wall ), so that the strawberries grow up naturally in the warm house without additional heat.

They are harvested from January and many tourists visit there for strawberry picking.


Satomi Yamauchi, the 3rd generation of Yamauchiya of its 100 years of strawberry making, she introduces homemade strawberry jam. It is cooked with pure Ishigaki strawberries and less sugar. Originally this jam was sold as a package of souvenir for strawberry picking visitors. Now this was modified and improved for a polished taste. The jam was produced in a glass jar in order for everyone to enjoy the taste throughout the year.


Their strawberry farm overlooks graceful coastline of Kuno, and above the farm, there is a holy Kunozan Toshogu shrine where Shogun Ieyasu Tokugawa is buried.
In this unique place of its own history of the land and the nature’s power, she hopes that people will feel the story of Ishigaki strawberry and visit this place.
And the jam is filled with a love for Ishigaki strawberry and the motherland.


The story of Kunozan Ishigaki strawberry


Ishigaki strawberry of Kuno district in Shizuoka has the oldest history of commercial cultivation in Japan for its unique system of stone-wall method since 120 years ago. The seedings of strawberry are planted among round stones that can store, reflect direct sunlight and this high solar energy power could be fully utilized for cultivating strawberries even during the winter. During 1960s, Ishigaki strawberries become popular because of the advantage in producing ahead of other farmers, even occupied 98% of whole distribution of Tokyo market.


[Akihime ] brand strawberry is a hybrid of [ Kuno-wase ] and [ Nyohou ] breeds grown by the late Mr. Akihiro Hagiwara who had lived in Kuno district. This breed is very popular among strawberry-picking tourists for its soft, juicy pulp as well as its large size. Since this breed is not well suited for outbound distribution, in addition, , there are increasing numbers of new breeds developed, it is becoming difficult to obtain the seeding of Akihime. Yamauchiya has been growing Akihime with great respect, because it genuinely originated from this place.

3個セット 3jams in 1 package

内容量 150ml
原材料 いちご、砂糖
賞味期限 製造日から3か月

price: JPY 3,350
contents: 150 ml
ingredients: strawberry, sugar
Expiry date: 3 months from a date of production

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