【静岡】KANZASHI ベーシックシリーズ [Basic series] 三代目板金屋 の人気商品 です
  • 【静岡】KANZASHI ベーシックシリーズ [Basic series] 三代目板金屋 の人気商品 です
  • 【静岡】KANZASHI ベーシックシリーズ [Basic series] 三代目板金屋 の人気商品 です
  • 【静岡】KANZASHI ベーシックシリーズ [Basic series] 三代目板金屋 の人気商品 です
  • 【静岡】KANZASHI ベーシックシリーズ [Basic series] 三代目板金屋 の人気商品 です
  • 【静岡】KANZASHI ベーシックシリーズ [Basic series] 三代目板金屋 の人気商品 です

【静岡】KANZASHI ベーシックシリーズ [Basic series] 三代目板金屋 の人気商品 です


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Product Info

KANZASHI by 三代目板金屋/ Sandaime Bankinya


The succeeded craftsmanship of Sumpu reborned as a beautiful hairpin.

KANZASHI シリーズについて

伝統的なかんざしが、made in Japanの金属加工技術によりモダンなKANZASHIへ。

Traditional Kanzashi hairpin has become a modern, stylish [ KANZASHI ] with a metal processing technology of Japan. It is a masterpiece of an integration of beauty and the function.
[ beauty ]
Metallic sharpness and the soft curving design even make the moment of hairstyling looks dramatic.
[ function ]
Professional metal plating technique integrated whole piece of hairpin with no joint, and it is curved to fit and stays on the hair firmly.
[ durability ]
Fine metal plating promises its durability.




[ Bankinya ] is a meaning of [ Metal plate manufacturer ] who process metals by cutting, bending or folding etc, and meet various demands from machinery industries.
In old times, there were tinsmith who looked after many essential inquiries of tin product making, repairing in our living.

Ornamental hairpin or comb had been produced back in Japan’s Jomon era for the purpose of spiritual conducts. There were craftsmen who had a technical skill of comb making. Since long time ago, specific demands in every civilization stage development had stimulated creative product designs.

When Ieyasu Tokunaga ushered in the era of the Edo shogunate, he moved to Sumpu castle in Shizuoka. Many highly-skilled craftsmen were invited to Sumpu to produce various craftworks such as swords, armors, furnitures and other handcrafted items.
This naturally resulted in taking roots of high skill manufacturing in this area.
Today, from precise handworks to mass industrial production, Bankin technique has been still innovating in a field of machineries and construction field.



機械仕上げの技に、人の勘と厳しい検査が加わり、made in Shizuokaの高品質かつ美しい製品が生まれます。

[KANZASHI] は、日本の製造業の原点を思わせてくれる「むかし」と「今」が出会った商品です。

About Sandaime Bankinya

Established in 1967, Yamazaki Seisakusho is a company contracts for the machine tools and medical equipment production. Its 3rd generation of the family Ms. Yamazaki set up a new brand called [ Sandaime Bankinya] released new product that mixed both metal plating technique and the fashion: it is the [ KANZASHI ].

A strict final inspection is made on the precise machine making, the result of the product represents genuine Japan quality.
So [ KANZASHI ] is a product that reminds us of the origin of Japanese traditional manufacturing, and connecting us to the modern times.

Collect & release the light, a beauty of an ultimate polish.

BASIC シリーズ
[Simple & tough ]
3デザイン ( Round/ Square /Curvy )
3カラー ( Silver / Gold / Pink Gold )

It is a compact size but holds the hair firmly. So your styling can be simple & good-looking. Simple step makes a perfection.
What’s more, its minimal design is designed for everyday use: you can also use it with other accessories or arrange 2 different KANZASHIs. Your daily styling will bocome more joyful with KANZASHI.

KANZASHI Basic series

Round - Silver/ Gold/ Pink gold

Curvy - Silver/ Gold/ Pink gold

材 質/material:ステンレス304(18-8)/steinless steel304(18-8 )
カラー/color:Mat Silver(マットシルバー)
Gold,Pink gold はメッキ/Gold plated , ニッケルフリー/ Nickel Free

Square - Silver/Matt gold /Matt pink gold

材 質:ステンレス304(18-8)
カラー:Mat Silver(マットシルバー)
Gold, Matt pink goldはメッキ/ Gold Plated. ニッケルフリーNickel-free

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